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Loose Moose Publishing releases books in both paper and/or electronic formats, depending on suitability, as we believe that traditional paper books will always be valued. Some of our projects include publishing limited editions in individually numbered copies, available in paper format only. 


We welcome manuscripts of poetry, short stories and novels. Any genre and style will be considered, even if the writing is unconventional or a bit crazy.  Both unsolicited submissions from literary agents and those sent directly from writers are accepted. First time authors are encouraged to participate. If you have a manuscript that you feel is different and one-of-a-kind, you are invited to join our exclusive club and submit your work. You will be contacted within 45 days of our receiving your submission. 


As professional editors with years of international experience we are dedicated to uncovering original talent and innovation.  Yes, in this world commercialism prevails, but we are looking for the original, the fresh, the truly creative.  Here the new voice would find a supportive publisher and agent.


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