Established in 2015, Loose Moose Publishing is a young company that publishes not only traditional, quality manuscripts, but also accepts cutting edge, avant-garde, and experimental literary works from authors who do not see commercial potential as the pivotal aspect of their artistic interests. 


Dan Dražen Mazur, Croatian born professional writer and editor, the founder of LMP and its chief editor, with decades of experience in book evaluating, editing and publishing. He has authored and published novels, short stories, and poetry in both the Croatian and English language.

Ranko Igrić, Croatian born professional writer and editor, contributing to Loose Moose Publishing from the Chicago area office as interior books designer and line editor. He also authored and published books of poetry in the Croatian language.

Robert Edwards, Minnesota native, professional artist and writer, who does LMPs book evaluations, covers designs, artwork, and interior book designs. His paintings were exhibited in a number of galleries across Minnesota and are included as part of several art collections in Minnesota, New York, and Washington state.
Pearl Savage, native of Great Britain, English Studies degree from London University, career background in education, community health and human services here and in the UK, and provides to Loose Moose Publishing her line editing talent.
Norma Mazur, California born, she is the Company’s registered agent, secretary and line editor, and has a supervisory background in three academic libraries: Yavapai College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Prescott College.


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