Shameless but proud, Heinrich Lyle's Shameless Dick finishes with the winning crowd in the 2018 New Mexico-Arizona Book awards.


June Gerron's Around About Now is recognized as a finalist, category Poetry-Arizona, in the 2018 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards


Peter Fiore's When Angels Speak of Love . . . is recognized as a finalist, category First Book AZ, in the 2018 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards.

From The Sri Lanka Daily Mirror after the Galle Literary Festival.


Niti Sampat Patel's Moon Goddess is enthusiastically received during reading and signing at the Blue Stockings Bookstore in NYC, Tuesday, August 22nd. Click on photos for more info.




The paparazzi are closing in on our stalwart Heinrich Lyle, author of "Shameless Dick: Odyssey of a Cad."  They're out for blood, it seems, and they wouldn't know irony if it bit them in the neck. Click on photo for his interview on AZ-TV's "Sandy & Friends."


Heinrich Lyle had a well-recived reading and book signing event Sept 16 at Prescott's own Peregrine Book Co. He is shown reading from his Loose Moose book, "Shameless Dick: Odyssey of a Cad."

The staff at LMP finally manage to interview, more or less, the mysterious Heinrich Lyle. Charlie Rose it is not, but the dog performs nicely. Click on illustration to view the proceedings.

We congratulate our author J. R. Yussuf for winning First Place in stiff competition for his book THE OTHER F WORD: FORGIVENESS in the category of Self Help in the Austin, Texas based Reader Views. Click on logo to read the review.


Dianalee Vellie's EVER AFTER is enthusiastically received and feted in Kearsarge Magazine of New Hampshire:  "Not Your Mother's Poetry."




Lewiston, New York man gets his late father's long-lost poetry published by Loose Moose. Click photo to read local news story on "Love Poems Left Behind."



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